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Tulips and Tequila Friday, Tree Planting Saturday, and Asparagus!

-As the weekend approaches I wanted to remind everyone about the two fun events coming up! We'll be having our Tulips and Tequila event tomorrow, Friday April 20th from 7-10pm. So come on out after the art walk in Colby and join us!

-Second, to go along with the Thursday's Timely Tips piece today, I am doing a tree planting seminar this Saturday, April 21st from 10am-11am. Weather permitting of course, as I see there is a chance for rain. If the weather decides to bring us some much needed moisture than we'll just reschedule. But as a quick reminder, now is the perfect time to plant a tree, so come on out and see our selection. (If you're worried about distance home, we'll wrap it for you so it makes the trip safely! We've had customers as far away as Kansas City make it home with their wrapped trees!)

-And last, to also go along with one of today's Timely Tips, I wanted to tell a story from my childhood about asparagus. When I was a little girl, I remember every Sunday after church in the spring and summer, my mom would take us out to this old abandoned barn where there was nothing growing anywhere but weeds, native grasses, and an asparagus patch. We would go out to take care of that asparagus patch, and it produced a great crop for years and years. This shows a couple of great qualities about asparagus. 1) It doesn't take much to care for it. Asparagus is fairly hardy and is able to grow (and actually prefers) somewhat drier soil. So if you're notorious for "forgetting" to water things all the time, asparagus actually appreciates this. 2) Once established, asparagus can and will grow for years and years, giving you a great healthy vegetable to cook with and eat for many many meals!

Happy Thursday! Hope to see you all this Friday and/or Saturday!

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