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Memorial Weekend (We're Open!), Fairy Garden Workshops and Visitors from 6 to 96!

So much has been going on at Moonlight I can hardly believe it! We've had such a great month of May I wish we could rewind the clock and do it all again!

Memorial Weekend - WE ARE OPEN! Moonlight Gardens will have our normal hours over the weekend and Monday, so come on out as we still have great stock available but hurry because it's going fast! We have some special planters made ranging from $10-$20 in honor of our soldiers that are available for sale.

Fair Garden Workshops - Our Fairy Garden Workshop was so fun to do, and such a success that we're going to have another one on June 3rd! Check out the events section of the webpage for more details.

Visitors - We've had a couple groups come out this month, both young and young at heart! The Colby Grade School 1st graders came out earlier this May to see the flowers and get a tour of some of the other animals we have out here. They had a great time!

And just recently, we had a group from Prairie Senior Living Complex come out for a tour and each resident picked something out to collectively put into a giant planter for them to take back home to watch it grow!

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